Healthy Fun in the Wilderness Sun

Wilderness SunsetThe beach in Wilderness, South Africa which lies along the famed Garden Route is singly one of the best locations for beach goers because it’s not as crowded and feels more like unspoiled and pristine land than heavily trafficked tourist beaches. It also offers one-of-a-kind views in an area that is simultaneously remote and spectacular. The village of Wilderness offers plenty in the way of shopping and eating out, and the people are extremely friendly.

All of these things to do mean that people eventually need to leave their lodging, though even that can be hard to do with places like On the Beach Wilderness, which puts you directly on the beach sands with views that are breathtaking. With all to see and do in Wilderness, people are quick to leave without things like sunscreen and bottles of water, appropriate footwear or clothing. It can be very easy to neglect your health under a burning South African sun when the wind is so lively that you don’t feel it as much. Continue reading

The evolution of dieting

unhealthy eatingThese days, people are taking more interest in losing weight and eating right. People are taking their health more seriously, finally! And it’s not just about what to order when you’re eating out, it’s what people are doing at home as well.

A few years ago it was considered “fashionable” to eat at restaurants that cater more towards “the health-conscious”. In South Africa it is places like Kawai (which by the way, is in the top five worst restaurants for weight loss) where it was in vogue to order smoothies that were basically made up of grass, sandwiches predominantly had carrots and sprouts and a whole host of other “healthy” options on their menu. Scary!

And then of course there are the weight loss programs. These have grown in popularity by leaps and bounds over the last four or five years. They have also become far more affordable and a lot more comprehensive. Programs like the eat stop eat diet which encourage people to not simply diet, but to make a more permanent change in their lifestyles. Continue reading

Do Breast Enhancing Supplements Work?

breast enhancementA large number of women are turning to breast enhancing supplements to boost the shape and size of their breasts. There are different products available in the market including Naturaful breast enhancing supplement that can help you to achieve this. They are a great alternative if you do not want to undergo surgery, which can be costly, painful, and requires you to take time off to recover.

Do they Work?

Some people doubt the effectiveness of the breast enhancing products but they have proved to be quite helpful for many women. It is advisable to settle for a natural solution that relies on safe ingredients to make your breasts perkier and shapely. The products enhance breasts because they contain a variety of herbs that have been used for many years. The herbs have the same effect as estrogen, the hormone responsible for breast growth. Continue reading

Other uses for a great weight loss program

weightloss workoutWhen most people think about dieting, most the time the dominating reason behind starting a new diet, is weight loss. There are other reasons people decide on one or other diet. When it comes to the weight loss side of things, there really is something for everybody out there. But the number one thing most people are looking for regarding weight loss programs, is ease-of-use, an easily sustainable diet, some flexibility and a combination of a great eating program and workout program. If these are the key points of you’re looking for, then the cruise control diet reviews page of the cruise control diet will set you on the right track to a great weight loss program.

What makes the cruise control diet a good option, is the fact that it does not force dieters to follow an extremely rigid eating program that is not an easily sustainable diet. That is probably one of the top reasons why people struggle to stay the course on most (or old school) diet programs. An eating program that is rigid, extremely strict, requires you eat “special foods”, omits entire food groups or has unreasonable expectations is not only hard to stick to, but is also hard to complete. The cruise control diet is none of the above. Continue reading

Tips on how to gain control over your own weight loss

Loss Factor For Weight LossEvery day there are new weight loss programs available, and this one is no exception. A word of warning though, is that this one might be a bit more on the challenging side because it does require a twelve day detox phase that does seem a little extreme. If you are interested in finding out more about this, then read up on it on the fat loss factor review page. At least this way you can see for yourself whether or not you want to give it a shot.

Most people would find this program little harsh and difficult to follow and stay on. On the other hand, there are people who will and do enjoy a weight loss program that tells them exactly what to do and when. There are people that really do thrive on discipline. Such people might find this program run up their alley. If you don’t take well to being told what to do and when to do it, then you are definitely not going to like this program. Continue reading

A guest house experience never to be forgotten

cinnamon-boutique-pool-deckSouth Africa is a wonderful country because that is where the Cape is and where you will find the famous Garden Route. Ah, the Garden Route! What a magical stretch of road. It will take you to some of the most beautiful scenery to be found in, well, anywhere! It is nature in her truest form, raw and stunning.

It is also the one stretch of road where you will find some of the most diverse and stunning accommodations around the country, dare I say, the world? I dare! One such place on this afore mentioned road is a tiny and precious town called Wilderness. It is stunning. Simple as that really, and Wilderness accommodation is rather spectacular.

There are so many different types of accommodations to choose from, it’s a bit mind blowing. Everything from B&B’s to self-catering chalets and even house boats is available. It depends entirely on what you are looking for. The house boats for example, are extremely popular, especially for couples who want to break away from the humdrum of city life and be alone. There is no place for being alone than a house boat! Continue reading

A few really awesome reasons to visit our sunny SA

South Africa has an amazing (and stunningly) diverse coastline which stretches for 2800 kilometres (1740 miles for the Americans). This Mother Land has deserts and mountains, forests and wetlands and some of the most amazing Eco-systems found on earth. They can be found all along the South African coast. Naturally this brings to bear all the fantastic, affordable holiday destinations, not to mention unusual, for anyone wanting something a little different in a holiday. Different but unforgettable! A holiday venture to South Africa is an experience you cannot miss, so take this stunning country, continent into account when making an over-sees holiday agenda.

South Africa beach holidays are always a one of a kind experience, no matter how often you come and visit. Every single holiday will be different simply because there is just so much you can do and see in a single visit, and this is the magic of this wonderful and warm country; it keeps drawing you back for more!

The beaches are stunning and the surfing killer. If you are after sunbathing only, well there are many secluded little beaches (4th Beach, one of Clifton’s best which also happens to be one of SA’s Blue Flag beaches) perfect for getting that golden bronzed look. Some of the most amazing beaches in SA are Clifton, Cape Town – (Blue Flag, already mentioned), Boulders Beach, Cape Town, Camps Bay, Cape Town – (Blue Flag),
Robberg Beach, Plettenberg Bay (Blue Flag), Noetzie Beach, Dolphin Beach in Jeffereys Bay, Bronze Beach and Umhlanga. Pretty impressive. Continue reading

Fasting and weight loss: the how to’s and what for’s Part 1

fasting-for-weight-lossWeight loss is one of the hardest things in the world to do. Just the thought of having to actually start is exhausting! It’s a tiresome chore, but not doing it could kill you!

So the question then becomes, where do you start and how do you begin? The simple answer is deciding to actually go through with it. That is step one. Step two is to physically make a commitment like joining a gym or buying a bicycle. The next step would be to implement some kind of eating plan and then add all of these elements together and build some kind of schedule. By taking these first few and extremely important steps, you will be well on your way to losing the weight you have been dragging around with you every day for who knows how long!

When it comes to some kind of eating plan, there are literally thousands ready available on the internet, and hundreds of books. The sad truth is that 90 to 98% of them are rubbish and some are downright dangerous! But there are those that have been around for years, and I mean hundreds of years and they work. Plans like fasting. By using a fasting method, you are using an age old way of weight control and weight loss. Today it’s been revamped and tweaked and reworked into a life changing way of weight control called eat stop eat. Eat Stop Eat Reviews will give you the head start you need to get a good and solid idea of what this program is and how it will work for you. This is not a revolutionary way of losing weight. It is certainly not new and it will certainly teach you a thing or two about healthy living. Continue reading

Tips on how to get texts back from a girl

girl-reading-textWell done! So you actually got her number. The question now is did she give you her REAL number? Call it and check. You never know, she might have stiffed you. More than likely you got the real thing. Awesome. Is she interested? Yes or she wouldn’t have given you her number. Do you have the ability and desire to take this further? Take it beyond just chit-chat? Great. This means you are pretty much ready to take the bull by the horns and make the first move, ignore all the past failures and rejections and just go for it. The problem now is you realise you have no clue how to get her to respond to your texts. Relax. This isn’t called magnetic messaging for nothing.

Right then so how DO you get her to text you back? There are 4 things you can do to ensure it. Tips on how to get reciprocation and not rejection or worse ignored! This basically means you (or anyone really) is not interested in a flaky chick that will hmm and uh instead of talking straight with you. Someone who is not going to stonewall you, but allow the conversation to move forward, you know, to that place where texting is no longer necessary. If she goes the usual “ditsy” chick thing, she is deliberately being flaky and if she sees you on the street and avoids having to talk to you, well there is your clue. But the ain here is to get her to actually text you back which is the exact opposite of flaky. Even if it’s to say sorry but no she doesn’t want to see you anymore. At least that’s honest. Move on and try again. Continue reading

How to lose weight fast, customized fat loss for YOU!

Healthy-EatingThere are plenty of diets that offer a smoothie fast, or some sort of powder, or special drink or food you must eat in order to lose weight, but really it just requires common sense.  We’re bright as a species, and we know that choosing to eat a slice of double chocolate cake is a bad idea compared with that of eating an entire meal including pasta.  Though calorically they’re close, you know that you could still consume an entire supper to match or still be below that of an enormous rich cake slice.  The key to how to lose weight fast and keep it off, is to make better choices.

When we choose to eat, we must choose things we still like but are still better for us than what we’d have previously gone for.  In place of sugary drinks offering no nutritional value, have juice, water, or even fruit.  Instead of heavily sugared coffee or tea, using honey.  Instead of a giant bowl of ice cream with toppings, iced sorbet or even frozen yogurt, with fresh strawberries, and dripping with honey or pure maple syrup.  Doesn’t sound so bad does it?   It’s just in making healthier decisions bit by bit to get us used to eating better choices in everything we consume.

Most of us lead very busy lifestyles.  Though we’ve gained too much weight for our liking, programs like “customized fat loss” and “eat stop eat” just don’t fit into our daily lives, it’s too intrusive and too extreme to be something we can manage. We have an image in mind of what we want ourselves to look like, but attending a personal trainer, or going to the gym during our week is not something that is convenient for us. Continue reading

What IS the Adonis Golden Ratio program?

Adonis-CoupleA perfect ratio exists in all things in nature. This ratio is what makes everything look proportionate and normal and can be found from the Parthenon of Athens to even simple plants.  The Golden Ratio (as it’s typically referred to) is what makes us as people look aesthetically proportionate.

Adonis was the Greek mythical god of beauty and desire. In this day and age, his name is synonymous with young and handsome men as he is the epitome of physical male perfection. It is believed that he possessed perfect physical symmetry and proportions.

This brings us to the Adonis Index. If a person is a bulky and overly muscular individual, then he may not look attractive if he is not proportionate because the human eye is programmed to automatically recognise the golden rule mentioned above. The golden ratio is 1:1.6 or the Fibonacci number. In today modern times, this proportion or symmetry is the measurements between a man’s waist and shoulders. This Adonis Index is what determines what the perfect shape for the male body is, or is supposed to be. Check out the Adonis golden ratio review for more in depth information. Continue reading

Easy energy saving you can do yourself

solar-house-heatEveryone likes to save a buck, especially when it comes to saving a few on the rising costs of living, like electricity. Every month the electricity bill seems to go up, no matter what you do to try and keep it down. Turning off all non-essentials like the pool pump, geyser and any and all lights not currently in use somehow does not seem to be enough. What next? Turn off every appliance at the wall socket whenever they are not being used? Imaging having to this every time you want to watch TV (or switch it off), make some coffee or use the microwave or stove. What a pain!

Well there is this book or manual you can buy online that can help you bring down costs. Earth4energy review can give you what you need to get a head start on figuring this thing out. Basically what this book does is show you how to build and maintain your very own energy saving tools to save you money on electricity bills every month. The best part is you can build all this stuff for cheap, something like under $200 and you will see returns on your investment within months.

Think about it; how would you like to never again worry about when the next rolling black out will be or whether there will be any more brown outs? These usually come on without warning so you get home and suddenly your neighbourhood’s grid has been switched off for the next 12 hours to save the government on some change and you get a cold shower before bed and before work in the morning. No coffee and no cooking so it’s either a barbeque or a night out at the local pizza joint. Yeah, real nutritious! Let us of course not forget that if you have kids, you have a small problem on your hands at bath time! No kid wants a cold shower! Anarchy rules in a house with kid and no hot water, especially teenage girls! Good luck mate. Continue reading

Acnenomore a look into the holistic acne treatment plan

skin-care-woman-wash-faceAcne no more has proven to be a quality successful on line program that has shown results in being able to effectively treat and eliminate acne. Acne no more review has a number of positive reviews from the numerous people that have used this program and have had their acne cleared up. The many positive testimonials about this program indicate that acne no more is an extremely popular approach towards the treatment of acne.
The program is unique because it does not advocate using any medical treatments. It even asks that you do not use any creams that you are currently applying while following the programs advice.

Mike Walden who wrote the acne no more book is not a scientist or qualified in a medical field, however he was an acne sufferer so he claims he knows how someone with chronic acne symptoms feels and how it affects their life. Mike states that the acne no more treatment can be seen to be potentially life changing for acne sufferers. The author believes that there is a cause for acne and there is a solution to it. (See this post by a top institute specializing in skin diseases to find out all the facts about acne)

It is a long book that can really improve your acne by following the detailed instructions. Acne no more takes a holistic approach to curing acne. The book contains chapters on different topics that teach you how to look after your skin, learn to detox your body. There is a step by step illustrated guide to the book and it has over 240 pages of valuable information on topics and ways to treat acne. Each of the chapters of the book describes the different pillars to follow in the order that it appears. The program also claims that it is able to help with removing most types of scars and acne marks. Continue reading

The program for your perfect body shape

Healthy woman running on the beachWhen we were growing up, most of us wanted to be a princess, but as we got older and started reading fashion magazines, we got bombarded with images of models and perfect bodies. I am not talking about models of the late 90’s or 2000’s, I am talking about models with real bodies like Cindy Crawford and models of her status. Real women in fact, with real bodies. We wanted to have that perfect hour glass figure that would look good in anything and turn heads wherever we went. Alas, we are not all born with the perfect anything, let alone figure! However, there is a way to get the perfect figure; one that is perfectly suited to our height and body shape. The perfect “you”.

Now before you scoff at the idea, read on to learn more about the Venus factor diet and what it can do for you to get the body of a real woman, a hot woman with curves in ALL the right places!

I am not going to go into any major specifics because frankly, if you want the body, you have to buy the program, so I will not be giving any secrets away here today. What I WILL do is tell you a bit more about this Venus Factor, what it is, how it works and a few of the ins and outs of the program. The rest is up to you. Continue reading

How does a regular looking shy guy suddenly become irresistible?

flirting-at-barBe brave and do this experiment; walk up to a hot chick and try talking to her. Pay attention to what she does. She almost immediately, probably within 5 seconds, is going to start testing you. Now don’t freak out. This is perfectly normal behavior for females to do this. If you are really interested in knowing more, or ALL about this and tones of other stuff about women and how to date them or sleep with them (if you are only that way inclined), then check out “The TAO of Badass”. It’s the bible all guys should have in their side table drawer next to their bed and read every single night.

So what is the big deal about these tests then? Nothing. It’s just something that naturally happens when a woman is deciding whether or not you are man enough or “alpha” enough to be in a relationship with, let alone sleep with. It is something that every single guy on this planet has to deal with whenever he meets a new girl. Every time. The trick is learning how to pass these tests almost 100% of the time so you at least stand a chance at a date or two. Once you get past that phase, well then the rest is up to you. You can become a complete douche bag and pass the tests just to rack up a load of notches on your bed post or you can date a few classy women and learn how to become naturally comfortable and confident around women (if you are usually a social outcast) and eventually find The One. Continue reading

A few facts about growing taller

measuring short manIn today’s society there are perceived expectations brought about through sources such as the media which plays a part in promoting height as being advantageous. Not everyone can grow taller as there are specific reasons for what height a person grows too. Certain film stars that are not tall try to gain extra height through wearing higher heels in shoes or when photographed give the illusion of being taller through the camera trickery.

Hormones are mostly the reasons why you are the height that you are. Although there are ways that you can ensure that you have reached your optimum height. It is not always true that you grow to be the same height as your parents as genes that are influential can go back many generations.

Height is important to some people but not to others. There are both disadvantages and advantages in both.  In fact some people would wish that they were shorter than and not as tall as they are. Being over 6ft tall is not sought after for females and only for males who aspire to be basketball players as being over 6ft is the average height. In some occupations being tall can be a disadvantage and be a reason for not being successful in a career choice. Continue reading

Plans are how we lose weight

acid alkaline diet program reviewSome of the most awesome ways to lose weight is with a plan. Plans seem to make us feel like we have a goal, a destination or something. Eating plans and work out plans. They always rock…when we first think of them and put them together. Then we have to start it. That’s when they start to suck a bit, or a lot, depending on your mood and the plan really. But isn’t that how we usually go about trying to lose weight? Planning everything? And don’t we usually or always fail because of these plans? Sure but why? I can tell you.

It’s because we go about it the wrong way. We look online and look for the most popular “diet plan” out there or whatever new “diet “the sexiest and thinnest celebrity is doing at the moment. This is why we fail. These fads don’t work and some are just stupid dangerous. The best ones are the tried and tested ones. The kind that have been around for years and still work. A prime example is the alkaline diet plan. It’s not been around for years, it’s been around for centuries. This is the kind of plan that is sustainable and easy enough to follow. A plan that will deliver the results other plans only ever claim to do. Continue reading